- / - / ASTEX /AX3021/ REV 1G / - /

-/-/ASTEX /AX3021/ REV 1G/-/_01-/-/ASTEX /AX3021/ REV 1G/-/_02-/-/ASTEX /AX3021/ REV 1G/-/_03-/-/ASTEX /AX3021/ REV 1G/-/_04-/-/ASTEX /AX3021/ REV 1G/-/_05-/-/ASTEX /AX3021/ REV 1G/-/_06-/-/ASTEX /AX3021/ REV 1G/-/_07-/-/ASTEX /AX3021/ REV 1G/-/_08-/-/ASTEX /AX3021/ REV 1G/-/_09
-/-/ASTEX /AX3021/ REV 1G/-/_01
-/-/ASTEX /AX3021/ REV 1G/-/_02
-/-/ASTEX /AX3021/ REV 1G/-/_03
-/-/ASTEX /AX3021/ REV 1G/-/_04
-/-/ASTEX /AX3021/ REV 1G/-/_05
-/-/ASTEX /AX3021/ REV 1G/-/_06
-/-/ASTEX /AX3021/ REV 1G/-/_07
-/-/ASTEX /AX3021/ REV 1G/-/_08
-/-/ASTEX /AX3021/ REV 1G/-/_09

Price US $459 US $504.9 (Domestic purchase price)

Delivery Ship within 4 DAYS after payment received

Warranty 60 DAYS after shipped

Condition OEM: Used Working, Untested

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    PayPal Bank Transfer
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