Privacy Policy

TMH Inc. (hereafter "TMH") handles the User's personal information based on the "Privacy Policy" below in LAYLA operated by TMH.

In order to use services in LAYLA (hereafter "Service"), the User shall read through, understand the "Privacy Policy" below and agree to the content as follows.
If you do not agree, we must decline your access to the Service and use of the Service.

1. Personal Information
"Personal Information" shall mean the "Personal Information" stipulated in the Act on the Protection of Personal Information, which refers to the name, postal code, address, date of birth, sex, occupation, telephone number, account information (email address and password, etc.), financial account information (company payment account information, bank account information), usage history, and information that can identify a specific individual (including the information that can be easily cross-referred to other information, by which the specific individual can be identified).
2. Information on Use

"Information on Use" shall mean the following information concerning use of the Service.

  • Information on the content of the Service used by the user, date of use, the number of times of use, and content/history/status of use concerning the User's behavior when using the Service
  • Product information, comments, ratings and other information posted and transmitted to the Service by the User
  • Information on the User's settlement status on the Service
3. Collection of Acquired Information

TMH may collect the Personal Information and Information on Use of the User who uses the Service (hereafter "Acquired Information") by the following method.

  • We collect the Acquired Information by having the User entered the Acquired Information on the Service.
  • We collect the Acquired Information by receiving the Acquired Information via email, mail, written document, etc. from the User.
  • We may collect the history, etc. when the User uses the Service.

Information hereof shall include the URL used by the User, browser, type of mobile phone, IP address, and the User's location information, etc.

4. Management of Acquired Information
In order to prevent any unauthorized access to, loss, leakage, falsification, etc. of the Personal Information, the individual who engages in the work of managing and using the Acquired Information at TMH strictly manages the User's Acquired Information and pays special attention to the handling of the Acquired Information.
5. Purposes of Use of Acquired Information

The Acquired Information shall be used for the Purposes of Use notified to the User when acquiring / collecting the Acquired Information, also for the purposes of use stipulated in the Terms of Use or for the following purposes.

  • To communicate various matters and to provide information concerning the Service
  • To provide the Service
  • To simplify the procedure of necessary information entry for user sign up in the Service
  • To confirm application of email distributing service and to send email
  • To confirm purchase and delivery concerning the Service
  • To make billing, payment and confirmation thereof
  • To investigate and analyze use status, etc. of the Service
  • To enhance and improve the Service or to develop new service in order to bring more satisfaction
  • To customize the content of the Service for the User
  • To investigate the satisfaction level concerning the Service
  • To aggregate information that is statistically processed based on the Acquired Information and to announce as a survey result
  • To make notice and announcement of the Service, new service and other services
  • To make requests for cooperation for survey and participation in various events, and to report such result, etc.
  • To resolve troubles in operation of the Service
6. Disclosure of Acquired Information to Third Parties

TMH will disclose the Acquired Information to third parties in the cases specified as follows.

  • In the case when disclosure of information on the Service is considered necessary by TMH in order to provide the Service.
    The User shall use other User's disclosed information to the extent necessary in use of the Service in accordance with the Terms of Use of the Service and must not disclose information herein to any third parties without prior consent of each User.
    In addition, the usage history and the Acquired Information will be released on the Service during the period stipulated by TMH.
  • In the case considered by TMH as necessary in operation and provision of the Service
  • In the case when disclosure to delivery company, transaction agency, contractors and other third parties is for the purpose of delivery of products, conducting payment, sending response to the User's inquiries, sending TMH's inquiries to the User, provision of the related after-sale services and other necessary cases.
  • If required by the courts, administrative agencies, supervisory agencies, and other public institutions to provide the Acquired Information based on laws and regulations.
  • In the case when TMH considers it necessary to disclose the information to resolve the dispute with a third party, or to protect the rights and benefits, etc. of the User of the Service or a third party.
  • In the case when disclosure to a third party, which is entrusted by TMH to investigate and analyze, etc., is for the purpose of investigating and analyzing the use status of the Service
  • In the case when TMH entrusts all or part of handling of the Personal Information to the extent necessary for TMH to achieve the Purposes of Use.
  • For distribution or display of advertisement of TMH or a third party
  • The Acquired Information may be disclosed with the User's prior consent in the case when TMH considers it necessary to disclose the Acquired Information.
7.Use of "Cookies, etc."
  • Cookies information alone cannot identify a specific individual.
    When the above cookie information is used together with other Personal Information, it shall be deemed as the Personal Information. User can set whether or not to permit use of cookies.
    Many web browsers permit use of cookies automatically, but settings of the browser can be changed to prohibit use of cookies.
    When use of cookies is prohibited, the Service may not normally function or advertisement settings which requires cookies may not be showed.
  • TMH automatically receives information from the User's browser such as the User's cookies information, viewed advertisement and web page, the User's use environment, etc. Information herein will be recorded into the server for improvement of convenience of the Service, such as email address automatic entry to log in to the Service, security of session maintenance and protection, etc., consideration of new services, and enhancement of the Service's content advertisement to be more suitable for the User.
8.Use of "Log, etc."
TMH collects IP address, browser type, browser language and other information which is automatically generated when the User uses the Service.
Information herein will be used to analyze the User environment in order to provide better services, to prevent fraudulent acts interfering normal service provision. The search history is saved and managed in the form which cannot identify an individual and is used for the purpose of statistics data creation.
9.Use of "Device Information, etc."
TMH may collect the Device Information such as the individual identification information of the terminal. Information herein will be used to provide better services and to prevent fraudulent acts interfering normal service provision.
10.Correction of Personal Information by TMH
In the case where any changes in the Personal Information including the name and postal code, financial institution name, etc. which may cause trouble to deliver products and billing, TMH may change the Personal Information that is registered on the Service.
11.Management and Security of Personal Information
TMH stores and collects Acquired Information securely on a server in an environment where general Users cannot access to information herein, and endeavors to prevent any unauthorized access, loss, destruction, falsification or information leakage.
12.Disclaimer and Precautions
  • TMH does not assume any responsibilities concerning protection of the User's Acquired Information, etc. in other web service of other business or individuals, which is linked with the Service.
    The User must thoroughly confirm the content of the concerned above web services before browsing and using.
  • TMH does not take any responsibilities for any damages (including but not limited to consequential or indirect damage) caused to the User and a third party due to inappropriate act by hackers, etc.
  • For the information to confirm the User's identity, the User must make sure to strictly manage information herein by themselves so that it will not be lost, forgotten or known by a third party.
13.Access from Overseas
Do not access to the Service from any countries or areas where use, management, operation method and posted content of the Service are considered as inappropriate or illegal.
14.Improvement of Privacy Policy and Confirmation of the Latest Privacy Policy
TMH endeavors to improve the Privacy Policy accordingly as necessary.
The User must check the latest Privacy Policy before accessing to or using the Service.
The User's access to or use of the Service will be considered as the User's agreement to the content of the latest Privacy Policy.
15.Procedures of Disclosure, Correction, Suspension of Use of Personal Information
The User may request disclosure, correction, suspension of use, etc. of the Personal Information in accordance with the Act on the Protection of Personal Information. Use the inquiry form for request.
16.Contact Us
Contact us using this inquiry form in case of any unclear matters about Privacy Policy, or any questions, complaints, consultation, etc. concerning the handling of the Personal Information in the Service.