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Frequently Asked Questions

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1. Questions about accounts and registration

1-1   I forgot my password.
On the "Can't log in" page, enter your e-mail address and name, then click on the "Send" button. You will receive an e-mail providing password reset instructions. Follow the instructions to reset your password.
A guide with images can be found here.
1-2   I received an e-mail about the temporary suspension of my account.

There are two main reasons for receiving an account suspension:

  • Violation of LAYLA's policies
  • Unpaid payment of LAYLA's handling fees

If your account has been temporality suspended, you will receive an e-mail to your registered e-mail address notifying you of the reason for the account suspension and the procedures necessary for revoking the account suspension, etc.

1-3   It seems that someone has created an account pretending to be me.
If you notice a new account setting or change in the settings that you do not recall making, log in immediately to your LAYLA account and change your password and security question. If you are unable to log in, click on the "Contact Us" link on the LAYLA website and notify LAYLA of the situation immediately.
1-4   I received a suspicious e-mail.
if you have received a suspicious e-mail, send the e-mail in question to and, if the e-mail claims to be from PayPal, also send email to In addition, NEVER click on any link provided in a suspicious e-mail.
1-5   Is it possible to have two LAYLA accounts?
It is possible to sign up for two LAYLA accounts by changing your registered e-mail address. However, the functions of two accounts may be limited based on examination outcomes. Note: If you have two LAYLA accounts and one of the accounts is (temporarily) suspended, the other account may also be subject to restrictions of usage.
1-6   I forgot my user ID.
Your LAYLA User ID is your registered e-mail address.
If you have forgotten your registered e-mail address, go to the "Contact Us" page and contact LAYLA.
1-7   A message appeared saying that my login information is incorrect.
Please check that you have entered your e-mail address and password correctly. If you are still unable to login to LAYLA, go to the "Can't log in" page and reset your password.
1-8   I cannot register an account with my e-mail address.
There may be some e-mail addresses that may not be permitted to be registered as a LAYLA account e-mail address. If you are unable to register using a specific e-mail address, try a different e-mail address.
1-9   The message "Already registered" was shown when creating an account.
The e-mail address you wish to use for registering is already being used. Try logging-in or resetting your password and check whether the e-mail address is already registered.
1-10   I have not received an e-mail confirming my account registration.
It is possible that your e-mail inbox is over its capacity (full), or that the e-mail was erroneously treated as junk mail (spam mail). Check whether there is free space in your inbox or if the e-mail is in your spam folder. Also, check to make sure that your e-mail is set to receive e-mails from the domain name "".
1-11   How do I close (delete) my LAYLA account?

Before you close (delete) your account, please contact LAYLA. If there is a problem that can be solved, we will endeavor to resolve the situation.
[Important] When you close an account, it is not possible to re-open that account. If you wish to create another account in the future, please register using a different e-mail address. Please note that all the data accumulated in your account will be lost when you close the account.
Log in to My LAYLA and go to the "Withdraw Membership" page to carry out membership withdrawal procedures. Note that it is not possible to withdraw membership in the following cases.

  1. There are outstanding payments for products you have purchased.
  2. There are undelivered products for which you have received orders
  3. There are unpaid marketplace commission fees.
1-12   How can I register my current Buyer account as a Seller account?
Go to “My LAYLA”, then "My Account", tick "Seller registration", and fill in the necessary information. Your Seller application will need to be reviewed by LAYLA Support.
A guide with images can be found here.
1-13   Can I register a PayPal account without a bank account or credit card?
It is not possible to register a PayPal account with LAYLA unless your PayPal account is linked to a bank account or credit card.
Before registering your PayPal account with LAYLA, please link a bank account or credit card to it. For techincal support, please contact PayPal.
1-14   Do I need a shipping account number (FedEx, DHL, etc.) or Tax ID when registering a new account?
No, it is not necessary to have a shipping account or Tax ID when registering an account. A shipping account is only necessary when purchasing an item with the shipping cost set as "Buyer Pays."
When purchasing a "Buyer Pays" shipping item, you will be required to input a shipping account before completing the purchase, so please obtain a shipping account before making the order.
When entering your shipping account and/or tax ID while making an order, you can choose to update your account information as well, or just use the shipping account / Tax ID for this order only.

2. Questions about listing products

2-1   I would like to check what products can be listed on LAYLA for sale.
There are some products that are prohibited from being sold on LAYLA. If you listed a product classified as a "Prohibited/Restricted Item", your account may be restricted and you will be unable to carry out transactions, or your account may be suspended.
For details, see Article 9.2 in the "Terms of Use" page.
2-2   Only my listed products have been deleted.

It is not possible on the LAYLA website to automatically find out the prohibited products among all the listings. Therefore, those products that are in the same category with the deleted prohibited products may still be found. However, those policy-violating products will be deleted as soon as LAYLA team finds out.

On the other hand, if you find a listing that seems to be in violation of a LAYLA's policy, please report from "Contact Us" to LAYLA. Items that have been reported will be reviewed by LAYLA before deleting.

2-3   The products I listed are not displayed on LAYLA. Why?

Products that have only just been listed or whose listing has just been revised may not appear immediately in LAYLA search results. Generally, products are possible to be found in search result within 24 hours after having been listed, but in some cases, this may take longer in order to ensure the safety of transactions on LAYLA.

If you still cannot find a product after 24 hours or more, please try the following method.

  1. Check if there is an error in the title of the listed product. Avoid using non-English characters, as well as special characters such as "[", "!", "/", or "@" in product titles. Also, check to make sure to leave spaces between words. For example, if you were intending to enter "AMAT PCB", you may have actually entered "AMATPCB," making it not show in search results.
  2. Check if the listed a product is product that is permitted to be listed. Prohibited products and products against LAYLA's regulations will not be shown in search results.
  3. Check if search keywords are included in the title of the listed product. For example, if words like "Silicon" and "Wafer" are not included in the listed product’s title, the product will not appear in the results of a search made using the terms "Silicon Wafer".
2-4   I would like to know about LAYLA's policies regarding images and text.
On LAYLA it is not permitted to use photographs or other images or text that are not created by yourself. However, exceptions can be made if permission has been granted by the owner of the image/text or their representative or in accordance with the law.
The best way to ensure that you follow LAYLA’s policies is to take photographs of the product and write description text by yourself. This avoids the risk of accidentally using someone else's photograph or text, and there is no concern with getting permission to use the photograph/text from a third party.
When listing a product, check that you are in compliance with the above guidelines. If you are not in compliance, your product listing may be deleted, restrictions may be placed on your buying/selling authority, your account may be suspended, or other measures might be taken.
2-5   I feel that few Buyers check my listed products.
Please make sure that you provide effective product titles and explanations, easy-to-understand and detailed product descriptions, and list your products in appropriate categories.
In order to have Buyers better understand and increase their willingness to purchase your products, use techniques to make your products stand out, such as using large-size images or increasing the number of uploaded images.
2-6   Can I re-list a product?
No, it is not possible to re-list a product. Please make a new product listing.
2-7   Can I change the content of my listing?
Yes, it is generally possible to add, delete, or change information in listings. To do so, in the "My LAYLA" page, either find your listing through "My Listings Search" or "Listings", and click on the Seller SKU Code of your desired listing. From there you can change any desired information, and then press "Save".
A guide with images can be found here.
2-8   How do I report products that are violating LAYLA's policies?
If you have found out a product that violates LAYLA's policies, go to the "Contact Us" page and contact LAYLA.
2-9   Images are not being uploaded properly.
First check if the images can be displayed using another browser or try deleting cookies (deleting browsing history).
2-10   I want to cancel a listing that is currently displayed on LAYLA.
There may be cases where, after a product has been listed on LAYLA, you find out that the product is defective or has missing parts, etc., and want to withdraw the product listing. If no orders have been placed for the product, the listing may be withdrawn at any time. If orders have been placed for the product, it will be necessary to refund payments and/or pay cancellation fees.
To edit a listing, find it in "My Listings Search." You can change the Quantity to 0, or uncheck the Display and/or Active SKU flags to remove it from other users' searches.
A guide with images can be found here.
2-11   How do I check products whose transactions have been completed?
You can check these on the Purchase History page or Sales History page in My LAYLA.
2-12   Can I send images to a Buyer/Seller?
It is not possible to directly send images between a Buyer and Seller. If a Seller needs to send additional images to a Buyer, they can either upload the images to the listing, or send the images to LAYLA Support, who will then send the pictures to the Buyer.
2-13   How can I tell if an item is out of stock?
Beneath the purhase quantity box, there is a smaller line of text that may say "0 avalable". If it does, the item is out of stock.
See this image for an example.
It is also best to use "Contact the Seller" to ask if an item is truly in stock, as the Seller may have recently sold the item and not updated their page.
2-14   How can I change the quantity of a listing?
Sellers can change the quantity of an item by using the "My Listings Search" function, or looking through their Listing page, and editing the listing's page.
It is highly recommended to keep your listings' quantity up-to-date, as cancellation fees will apply to cancelled sales due to no stock. See section "4. Commission Fees - (2) Cancellation" in the following link:Accept Payment.
A guide with images can be found here.

3. Questions about payment

3-1   I have not received payment from a Buyer.
In the case where payment is not received promptly, first contact the Buyer directly to check the situation and work on solving the problem. Outside of special circumstances, if the Buyer does not make the payment within 5 business days after the order has been placed, the marketplace will carry out cancellation procedures. In such cases, the cancellation fee will be charged to the Buyer. There is no charge to the Seller.
3-2   I want to refund payment to a Buyer.

Depending on the situation, there are several methods to refund to Buyer. But first of all, contact the Buyer to find the best way.
To contact the Buyer:

  1. Log in to "My LAYLA".
  2. Click on "Check e-mail" from the menu on the left side of the screen.
  3. Search and select the history of inquiries with the Buyer whom you want to refund payment to.
  4. Edit your message and click on the "Send" button.
3-3   I don't understand LAYLA's fees.
At LAYLA, there are three kinds of fees: commission fees when a product is purchased/sold, fees when a product order is cancelled, and service fees for bank transfers. For details on these fees, see "Product Prices/Payment Methods".
3-4   I don't really understand the composition of commissions.
On LAYLA, there are mainly three kinds of fees: commission fees when a product is purchased/sold, cancellation fees when a product order is cancelled, and service fees for bank transfers. For details on these fees, see "Product Prices/Payment Methods".
3-5   How are Sales Commission fees paid?
Sales Commission fees will be automatically deducted from your registered Personal or Business PayPal account. This account can be changed through the "PayPal registration" page in My LAYLA.
If you are not registered with PayPal, the Sales Commission will be taken from the sale amount during escrow before being transferred to your bank account.
3-6   I want to check the billing invoice.
LAYLA does not usually issue invoices. Order confirmation e-mails are used in place of invoices. However, it is possible for Sellers to issue invoices for individual orders if necessary.
If an invoice is required for import/export processes, the Seller can output an invoice through LAYLA, and LAYLA Support can forward the invoice to the Buyer.
If the Seller requires an invoice from LAYLA's commission, generally the order email should be used. If a seperate invoice for the commission is required, please contact LAYLA Support.
Here is a guide with pictures showing how a Seller can output an invoice.
3-7   My account was suspended because my payment was delayed.

There are two main reasons for receiving an account suspension

  • Violation of LAYLA's policies
  • Unpaid LAYLA's handling fees

If your account has been temporarily suspended, you will receive an e-mail to your signed-up e-mail address notifying you of the reason for the account suspension and the procedures necessary for cancelling the account suspension, etc.
In the case of unpaid handling fees, to reactivate the account it is necessary for the user to pay all outstanding handling fees in a single payment.

3-8   Is it possible to use a credit card?
We are sorry to say, but we do not accept credit cards at the moment.
However, it is possible to use credit cards to register on PayPal, which could then be used in our service.
3-9   How do I send a Bank Transfer Notification?
Before the Seller can ship an order, the Buyer must send a "Bank Transfer Notification." Once this is sent, the Seller will be notified to ship the order.
A guide with images can be found here.
3-10   Can I change the payment method from bank transfer to PayPal after making an order?
First, please contact LAYLA Support ( We will change the payment method from bank transfer to PayPal.
Next, register a PayPal account from the "PayPal registration" link on the left side of your My LAYLA page.
Contact LAYLA Support again to let us know you have finished registering your PayPal account. Lastly, from the "Purchase List" on your My LAYLA page, you can press the blue "PayPal Transfer" button to directly pay the Seller and complete your purchase.
Note, in the below cases it is not possible to pay via PayPal in the below cases:
1. When a purchase is over $10,000. (PayPal limits transactions to $10,000)
2. If the Seller does not use PayPal. (However, it is possible to pay to LAYLA's escrow account via PayPal. Contact LAYLA Support for details.)
A guide with images can be found here.
3-11   How do I make a PayPal payment after making an order?
First, log in and go to your Pruchase list. Click on the blue "Paypal transfer" button, and proceed through the PayPal website.
A guide with images can be found here.
3-12   How do I purchase items from the cart?
Once you have added some items to your cart and decided you are ready to purchase, press the cart button in the top right of the screen.
Then, choose which cart you want to purchase, and proceed through the purchase steps as usual.
Note: Only items from the same Seller can be bought together in the same cart. Other items from different Sellers will need be purchased seperately.
A guide with images can be found here.
3-13   How can I calculate LAYLA's commission on top of a fixed price?
As LAYLA's 9.5% commission is charged on the full sale price, please divide the price you want to receive by 0.905.
Example: If you want to receive $1000, divide the price by 0.905 to get $1,104.97
LAYLA will then take a $104.97 commission, and you will receive $1000.
See here for a full explanation of LAYLA's fees.
3-14   How can I purchase multiple items at once?
LAYLA seperates orders based on the Seller.
If the items are from the same Seller, you will be able to purchase them together in one order with one payment.
If the items are from different Sellers, the order will be seperated into different slips for each Seller that must be payed seperately.

4. Questions about shipping and delivery

4-1   I would like to report a Buyer who is exploiting the Return Policy.
If you suspect that a Buyer is misusing (exploiting) the return policy—such as by sending empty boxes without the product to be returned, products that are not the purchased products, or products that have been used—report the Buyer to LAYLA from "Contact Us" page.
At the same time, please revise your Buyer rating on the Sales History page. Based on reports received and information related to the Buyer’s transactions, LAYLA will take appropriate measures against the Buyer, including suspension of their account. Furthermore, in order to avoid monetary losses related to product shipments/returns, we recommend using transport insurance to cover loss or damage occurred during transport.
4-2   I shipped the product, but the Buyer contacted me and said the product has not arrived. How should I respond?
In the case where the product is lost after it has been shipped, first contact the Buyer in order to understand and resolve the situation. To contact a Buyer, send the Buyer an e-mail from the "Check emails" page in "My LAYLA".
In transactions conducted on LAYLA, the Seller must take responsibility for a product until is safely delivered to the Buyer. In order to avoid problems, be sure to use tracking numbers. We also recommend the Buyer to check with their assigned carrier directly.
4-3   I would like to know how to add tracking numbers.
Sellers must take responsibility for the product until it is safely delivered to the Buyers. One inquiry that LAYLA often receives is "I don’t know the whereabouts of the product I purchased". If the Buyer is able to check the delivery status of a purchased product for themselves, they feel a sense of security, and will give the Seller a higher Seller rating score. When a Seller updates the product's tracking number from the "My LAYLA" page, the Buyer is also able to check this information from the "My LAYLA" page.
4-4   LAYLA's shipping address and PayPal's address are different.
Even if the actual delivery address is the address registered with LAYLA, a Buyer may have a different address registered with PayPal. In this case, if a legal case (motion for complaint) takes place due to reasons such as "The product has not been delivered" or "The product differed from that described" via the PayPal Buyer Protection System, the Buyer's petition may be deemed reasonable. Therefore, before shipping the product, request the Buyer to register the same address with PayPal as their registered LAYLA address (or amend their PayPal address).
4-5   How do I see the Buyer's shipping address or shipping account number?
After the Buyer has placed an order, click on the "invoice number" of the particular sale in the Sales List. From there you can see Buyer's shipping address and shipping account number, if they have one.
If the Buyer's information is missing or is obviously incorrect, you can press "Contact the Buyer" to ask for the correct information.
A guide with images can be found here.
4-6   How do I send a Shipping Notification?
Once the Seller has shipped the order, they should use the "Shipping Notification" feature to let the Buyer and LAYLA know the order is shipped, and share information such as tracking numbers.
A guide with images can be found here.
4-7   Can I Use a Delivery Carrier Other than FedEx or DHL?
Yes, you can use any delivery carrier. During user registration, editing account settings, or when placing an order, you can enter your desired carrier into the text box under the Delivery Carrier section.
A guide with images can be found here.
4-8   What is the HS Code of the item I ordered?
As LAYLA is only a marketplace and not the actual Seller of any items, we do not know the HS Code of any orders.
If you require the HS Code of an item, please ask the Seller. After placing an order, you can still contact the Seller.
A guide with images can be found here.
4-9   I want to ship, but I need the Buyer's company/contact name.
Please send an inquiry to LAYLA Support via and specify what information you require.
Subject Line: Recipient Company Name & Slip No
Contants: Please tell me the recipient's name, company name, etc. Slip No: 10012345-01

5. Questions about problems

5-1   I want to report bugs/technical issues in the LAYLA website.
Functions on LAYLA may occasionally and temporarily stop operating without a warning or error messages displayed. In such cases, first, if you are logged in to your LAYLA account, it is recommended that you log out and then log in again.
If the screen display is slow, try deleting your browser's cache (cookie information and browsing history) (For operating your browser, please refer to the Help tool of the browser that you are using).
5-2   I want to report a Buyer whom I believe has violated LAYLA's policies.
First, check that the Buyer is indeed violating LAYLA's policies by checking the policy content on the "Terms and Conditions for Use" page. If after this you still believe that the Buyer is violating LAYLA's policies, please report that Buyer to LAYLA.
LAYLA also takes the history of all users, both Sellers and Buyers, into consideration when checking or endeavoring to understand a situation. In doing so, LAYLA makes decisions based on how individual cases were handled or resolved and the impact of responses to negative behavior/problems. Furthermore, in the case where there is no solid evidence, LAYLA may choose to not make any decision. LAYLA does not disclose the details of decisions.
5-3   I want to contact PayPal's Customer Support service.
Please see PayPal's Frequently Asked Questions.
> PayPal FAQ link (external)
If a problem is not resolved, please contact PayPal from their Contact page.
> PayPal Contact link (external)
5-4   I was unable to solve a problem with a Buyer.
Regarding problems between Sellers and Buyers on LAYLA (for example, a product that was supposedly shipped has not arrived, unpaid payment), first please try and resolve the situation amongst the parties involved. If the problem still cannot be resolved, it is possible to raise the problem to LAYLA and ask for a judgement. From the "Contact Us" page, please e-mail the payment slip number and details of the problem to LAYLA.
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> I want to make a refund to a Buyer.
> I want to report a Buyer who is exploiting return policy.
> I shipped the product, but the Buyer contacted me and said the product has not been delivered. How should I respond?
5-5   I received a complaint that the Buyer has not received the product.
Responsibility for product delivery falls on the Seller, not the Buyer. In this case, the Seller should check the product's delivery status immediately.
5-6   What is PayPal Buyer Protection?
PayPal provides a system whereby Buyers who purchase a product using PayPal and then experience problems related to the purchased product can receive compensation under certain conditions. For details, please refer to "PayPal Buyer Protection System".
> PayPal Buyer Protection System (external)
5-7   How are Sellers protected in the case where a Seller loses on a complaint from a Buyer?

In the case of complaints that purchased products have not arrived, Sellers may be protected from unfavorable decisions arising from the complaint if they submit proof of delivery of the product to LAYLA. "Proof of delivery" refers to tracking information from the transportation company that clearly shows the following information.

  1. Tracking information showing the delivery status as "delivered".
  2. Date of delivery (reflecting the date on which the product was shipped within the handling period specified by Seller).
  3. The details of the order of LAYLA, or the payee's address stated in the details of PayPal's transaction, at least the name of the town or state or province, the zip code or equivalent.

In the case of complaints where "the product differs from the description", it may be possible for the Seller to avoid an unfavorable decision by submitting documentary evidence proving that the product description was appropriate. Documentation of the following provides appropriate documentary evidence.

  1. If the Buyer has claimed that the "product is used, not new", the description in the product listing clearly stating that the product is "used".
  2. The Seller has clearly explained the product's defects.
  3. The product has been described appropriately, but the Buyer might have decided that they do not want the product after they received it.
  4. The product has been described appropriately, but it does not meet the Buyer's expectations.
  5. The product has a slight scratch and it was listed as "used".
5-8   What happens when a complaint from a Buyer is resolved with a decision that is favorable to the Buyer?
In the case where the decision is favorable to the Buyer and it is determined that it is necessary to provide a refund to the Buyer, the Seller must carry out refund procedures if the payment has already been received.
In the case where the Buyer has claimed that the product sold by the Seller is not authentic, and the decision on the complaint is favorable to the Buyer, LAYLA may take measures to punish the Seller, including suspending their account.
5-9   The product returned by a Buyer was a different product from the product that was sold to them. What should I do?
In situations where it has become difficult to resolve the problem between the Seller and Buyer, such as when the Buyer "returns" a different product from what was purchased or when the product is in worse condition than when it was shipped, the Seller may file an appeal with LAYLA. After LAYLA has investigated the case, if the decision is found in favor of the Seller, the case will be recorded in the Buyer's rating records. If similar cases continue to occur (if it is believed that there is a pattern), an action may be brought against the Buyer for fraud. In order to monitor for potential abuse, the number of times Sellers submit such claims is also monitored.
5-10   How do I cancel a purchase/sale?
As a Buyer, if you are not able to complete your payment, please contact LAYLA Support, and we will cancel the order. This will incur a 5% cancellation fee. See section "4. Commission Fees - (2) Cancellation" in the following link: Accept Payment.
As a Seller, if you cannot proceed with the sale, you can cancel from the sales list in the "MY LAYLA" page. Go to the sales list, find the transaction, and press the red "Cancel" button. This will incur a 5% cancellation fee. See section "4. Commission Fees - (2) Cancellation" in the following link: Accept Payment.
A guide with images can be found here.
5-11   How do contact the Seller after placing an order?
You can still contact the Seller directly after placing an order.
You may do so by clicking the blue "Contact the Seller" button from your order's Purchase Details page.
A guide with images can be found here.
5-12   After placing an order, the Seller says the item is out of stock?
Unfortunately, Sellers may sometimes not keep their listings up-to-date. Before making a purchase, it is best to first contact the Seller via the "Contact the Seller" link on the listing.
If you have already placed the order, you can still contact the Seller from your purchase details page.
A guide with images can be found here.

6. Questions about ratings

6-1   What is "rating"?
"Rating" means, when you buy or sell items on LAYLA, you can leave a review of the transaction. Likewise, the other party involved in the transaction can also leave a reveiw. It is strongly recommended to leave feedback after each transaction has been completed. Leaving feedback is also a way of informing the other party that the transaction has been completed. Over time, the LAYLA team will build up a Feedback Profile and reputation based on comments and evaluations from other users. Feedback scores are the most important factors of a user's Feedback Profile.
6-2   What are the Seller rating standards?

LAYLA expects that Buyers will feel satisfied with the marketplace by Sellers' consistently great service. When a Seller has listed a product for sale on LAYLA and a Buyer purchases this product, a contract is concluded between the Seller and Buyer. For the Seller, this contract includes not only a contractual obligation to the Buyer, but also an obligation to provide service in a proper manner. If a Seller does not fulfill this obligation, the Buyer will not be satisfied, resulting in a low feedback score rated by the Buyer to the Seller.

LAYLA expects all Sellers to always provide a high level of customer service to Buyers and requests that Sellers do their utmost to fulfill the expectations of Buyers from the beginning of a sale until the transaction is done.
The manners that Sellers are expected to protect are in the following (but not limited to) areas.

  • Providing reasonable shipping fees and delivery services
  • Providing a return policy
  • Responding to Buyers' questions promptly
  • Acting in a professional, friendly, and polite manner throughout the transaction process
  • Delivering products to Buyers exactly as described in the product listings
6-3   How can I become a Certified Seller?
To award Sellers who consistently carry out good transactions, LAYLA has established a system to rate these Sellers as "Certified Sellers". In order to become a Certified Seller, Sellers must fulfill certain specified performance standards.
For details, please see "Becoming a Certified Seller".
6-4   Is it possible to revise or delete my rating?

Both Sellers and Buyers can leave feedback regarding the other party they sold products to/purchased products from. Rating of a Seller can be viewed by all LAYLA users. Thus for Sellers, feedback is an evaluation of themselves.
Posted feedback can be changed afterwards. Feedback may change if problems arise during a product's warranty period. If you wish to revise feedback content, go to My LAYLA and revise feedback you have previously left on the Seller review or Buyer rating pages.

7. Questions about price offers and communication

7-1   A Seller has accepted my offer, how can I place the order?
Your order will be automatically transferred to your shopping cart afer a Seller accepts your order. You can modify purchasing quantity there as well. If you fail to complete the order within 5 dyas, the offer will be cancelled automatically.
7-2   I can't delete some items in my shopping cart
Orders triggered by the price offer function can't be deleted and will disappear after 5 days automatically.
7-3   How can I contact a Seller after they accepted my price offer?
Please use the "Contact the Seller" function through the product page.
7-4   I want to negotiate the shipping cost while I negotiate the product price with the Seller.
Please use the built-in message function to tell the Seller to modify your order amount after the order is placed. The Seller can modify the order amount after receiving the order.
7-5   How can I send a direct message to a Seller about a listing?
Please use the "Contact the Seller" function through the product page.
A guide with images can be found here.
7-6   How do I reply to a direct message?
From the "Inquiry Message" email, click the link, sign in to LAYLA, and use the reply feature.
A guide with images can be found here.
7-7   I require a invoice from the Seller, what should I do?
Please use "Contact The Seller" and request an invoice. LAYLA Support will forward the file to you.
7-8   The Buyer requires an invoice, what should I do?
You can either use your own invoice format, or output an invoice with LAYLA, then send it to LAYLA Support to transfer to the Buyer.
To output an invoice with LAYLA, click on the "Invoice number" of the sale, then click the green "Output invoice" button.
A guide with images can be found here.
7-9   Does LAYLA offer or require quotations or purchase orders?
LAYLA does not create or require quotations or purchase orders (PO).
The price displayed on a listing acts as a quotation, and pressing the "Buy It Now" button and receiving an Order Slip email acts as a purchase order.
If you as a Buyer or Seller absolutely require a seperate quotation or purchase order document, please contact LAYLA Support with a clear reason why you require a seperate document.