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Start Buying

Welcome to LAYLA!

On LAYLA you can purchase products safely and easily. Instructions for purchasing procedure are as follows.

> LAYLA User Registration Manual(pdf)

1. Sign up

First, sign up as a user. Enter your name, e-mail address, and other required information to sign up as a LAYLA user.

> Sign up

2. Find the product you want

Keyword search: Use the search bar at the top of the LAYLA homepage.
Category search: If you have not decided what product you wish to purchase, or if you want to look for products in a specific category, use the "Categories" box at the top left of the LAYLA homepage for specified product search.
Advanced Search: You can search for all items including the out of stock ones.

If you cannot find the item that you want, use the "Parts (Tools) Request" function to let all Sellers know what you are looking for.

> "6. Use Parts (Tools) Request function"

3. Negotiate

Once you find the product that you wish to purchase, for some products, you can negotiate with the Seller about the pricing and shipping fee using the price offer function before placing an order.
If you fail to respond to the Seller's reply within 48 hours, their offer will be canceled directly.
Once the Seller accepts your offer, the order will be transferred to your shopping cart right away.
Please complete your order within 5 working days or else your offer would be cancelled automatically.

4. Purchase

Please read the product description carefully, and make sure you fully understand the product's condition, price, shipping fee, etc. Then click on the "Buy it now" button.
For the same product, the price might differ depending on whether the Buyer is in the same country or a different country as the Seller.
Please check the shipping fee and the domestic price carefully.

Payment methods differ depending on the total amount of the product price and shipping fee.

  • For transactions that have a total amount of less than $10,000 USD, you can pay via PayPal or bank transfer.
  • For transactions that have a total amount of more than $10,000 USD, you can pay via bank transfer.

> Check here for more details.

5. Check your "Purchase List"

You can review your "Purchase List" on the My LAYLA page. The payment and shipment status for each product can also be checked in the "Purchase List".
If you want to ask the Seller about your purchased product, please go to click on the "Details" of the particular transaction in the "Purchase List" and use the "Contact the Seller" function.
Lastly, do not forget to rate the product and Seller upon the product's arrival.

> Go to My LAYLA

6. Use "Parts (Tools) Request" function

If you do not find the item you want, you can inquire whether any of the Sellers on LAYLA might have it by using the "Parts (Tools) Request" function. After signing up as a user, you can find the "Parts (Tools) Request" function from the My LAYLA page.

Once your request is listed, it will be sent to all Sellers on LAYLA. If a Seller has your requested item, they will answer to your request via their reciprocal "Supply" function by listing that product.
The Buyer who sent the request will be notified immediately by email with the "Supply" product's information, and the "Supply" product will be visible ONLY to that Buyer for the following 24 hours. If a purchase is not made within 24 hours, the "Supply" product will be released to all Buyers on LAYLA.

"Parts (Tools) Request" function description

  1. Parts (Tools) Request disclosure scope
    1. Listed "Parts (Tools) Request" information can be viewed by all users using LAYLA.
    2. Once "Parts (Tools) Request" is listed, inquiry email will be sent to all Sellers listed in the same category.
  2. When Request is answered ("Supply")
    1. The Buyer who listed the "Parts (Tools) Request" will be notified by email when the inquiry is answered by a Seller using the "Supply" function. Please check the "Supply" product and decide whether you would like to proceed to purchase.
    2. During "Parts (Tools) Request" period, multiple Sellers might offer a "Supply" to your inquiry. You can either purchase only the one product that you want, or you can purchase all of the supplied items. It is not necessary to purchase any if the "Supply" product does not meet your requirements.
    3. The Buyer who listed the "Parts (Tools) Request" has the exclusive privilege to purchase the "Supply" product, which is shown available ONLY to that Buyer for 24 hours after sending an answer to the inquiry. If a purchase is not made within 24 hours, the "Supply" product's information will be released to all users on LAYLA.
  3. Parts (Tools) Request cost
    1. Parts (Tools) Request listing fee: Free
    2. Parts (Tools) Request fee: When a "Supply" product is purchased we will charge 5% of the total order amount (item price + shipping fee) from the Buyer who listed the "Parts (Tools) Request". When a "Supply" product has not been purchased within 31 days of the item's release date, it will become a normal listed item and Parts (Tools) Request fee will not occur anymore.
    3. Other fees: same as a regular sale

> Check here for more details.

Last updated: 2/23/2021