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Item description:
Manufacturer: FCI SYSTEM
Model: Acid Auto Wet station
Version: 4 AND 6 INCH
Condition: excellent
Vintage: 2011
Sale condition: as is where is
Quantity: 1
Auto Solvent Wet Station Configuration
4" or 6" Cassette Processing System
Automatic System with 1 Transfer Robot
2 Cassette stock for loader & unloader
Local supply system for Chemical Bath
Auto Extinguisher application
Auto Shutters to keep cross-contamination
Chemical bath auto cover
Preheating / Drain cooling tank system for chemical bath
Wafer: 4" and 6"
Treatment: 1 Cassette immersion type
Main body: Ivory PVC 8t (Frame SUS304 40*40*1.5t)
Chemical Supply: Local Chemical Auto Supply
Temperature Control: Setting temp. +/- 2 degrees C
Chemical Drain: Line drain
System Control: PLC control, Operation panel: Touch screen
Safety Interlock: Emergency switch, Over-heating interlock, Leak sensor Door, Transfer, Chemical Supply, etc
Chemical consumption minimization trough compact bath design
Using PP sink & drain pipe (Solvent)
-Still installed in the fab.
-Shut down and powered off.
-It can be inspected by appointment.
-The equipment is in excellent condition, with no missing parts.
-The equipment was lightly used in an R and D environment for around 2-3 years.
-The equipment ran 4 inch Sapphire wafers, but 6 inches will also be OK.
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