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Review Containters, Reduce Manufacturing Costs

There are various methods of improving production processes that even experienced companies may not be aware of, such as through integration with digital technologies like 5G.
LAYLA-EC.COM has the great benefit of being able to connect sellers and semiconductor manufacturers around the world not only with goods, but also with information and technology.
We would like to introduce a way to improve efficiency by focusing on niche areas besides the main processes that semiconductor manufactures usually pay attention to.

Review Containters, Reduce Manufacturing Costs

Various liquid produces are used in manufacturing semiconductors, such as acids and alkalis, developers, detergents, and slurries. Using these more efficiently without waste can lead to cost reductions in the manufacturing process.
The often overlooked 'container' could be key to realizing these improvements and cost reductions.
Sekisui Seikei Co., Ltd. has helped improve efficiency with the core technology of high-cleanliness blow molded containers in various fields such as liquid crystal, electronic materials, and biopharmaceuticals, as well as semiconductor manufacturing.

In particular, using Sekisui Seikei's residual liquid minimization container in factory operations of highly diluted advanced chemical materials can realise many synergistic effects, such as reliable use of undiluted solutions, reduction of POU costs, and improving the safety of collecting used containers.

In addition to meeting the shape, capacity, and functions of your customer's needs, we can also make proposals from various perspectives such as hygiene, safety, and ease of handling. If you have any questions, please contact us at support@layla-ec.com.

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